Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

★fashion inspiration★

 a nice warm sweater and a cute dress♥ 
~*~Moi memeMoitie~*~
My idol has a lot of style and I idolize him, this is perfect outfit
みき (left) her style is so perfect every day, she is the prettiest stuff from Glad News for me
I like something, it's just different, but looks good for the street every days
 perfect for winter and so cute horns
its crazy look, i find this shop have many crazy styles, 
but this one is so good
 i like kanako kawabata, she always has a very great style and a model of co&lu
why I like the style very much. This shirt is perfect for her...i think...
 cute sweater
 i love her style, she is very interessting for me as girl
i like girl who are like them so
i think she is really cool and has a good fashion taste
i hope u like it, thanks for daily in my blog *chu*

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