Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Happy New year☆

 Hello Cuties 

for the new year party 
I am specially traveled to Dusseldorf to my friends 
we celebrated at yuki´s and lana´s place 
 we have made raclette and had lots of fun

 the ceremony took place with even more people, Yuki, Sui, Ina, Chrisi, Jessy and her partners 
i was the only single, but i love this peoples, i feel like a big family 
and the boys are so cool
 I'm behaving just like sometimes like a guy
a beer and cigarette and I'm fine 
and i like to talk about all fucking shit
 here u can see Sui, Ina and me 
 my cute yuki and me
i love this pictur of u
 grouppicture: Sui, Yuki, Chrisi, me and Lana 
fireworks in dusseldorf was so pretty and so much fun

i hope u all have a wonderful start in the new year
im happy that i can talk to much people in this new year
thanks for all my lovely friends
and last but not least a movie from dusseldorf fireworks
haha ignore my voice in the background

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014


Ohayo my Cuties 

long time not online here, im so sorry
but here my late christmas blog entre
 "pre-christmas party at my friends place"
  Raclette with my friends 
u can see how much food we have, delicouse
the christmas tree from my friend Suttyny
gifts from all for all.
 at my place i have made a pic of my gifts
from Kathy a cute chocolate santa claus and tangerines
and a cute pic of us (u can see in the other pic)
a cute cupcake money box and a pink santa clous *hihi*
A picture of my work colleagues, before we went on our Christmas party
was so funny evening
we rock the house,  together with colleagues from worms
its was a wonderful christmastime
I hope you had a nice Christmas
Merry Christmas

Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

★fashion inspiration★

 a nice warm sweater and a cute dress♥ 
~*~Moi memeMoitie~*~
My idol has a lot of style and I idolize him, this is perfect outfit
みき (left) her style is so perfect every day, she is the prettiest stuff from Glad News for me
I like something, it's just different, but looks good for the street every days
 perfect for winter and so cute horns
its crazy look, i find this shop have many crazy styles, 
but this one is so good
 i like kanako kawabata, she always has a very great style and a model of co&lu
why I like the style very much. This shirt is perfect for her...i think...
 cute sweater
 i love her style, she is very interessting for me as girl
i like girl who are like them so
i think she is really cool and has a good fashion taste
i hope u like it, thanks for daily in my blog *chu*

Sonntag, 3. November 2013


Hi Cuties 
 Saturday night I was celebrating with my friends
We had a lot of fun
on this pic is Ilona and me, she is so cute 
 we do not see often, but am looking forward to see them again
I know that we will always remain friends
Next day on the Connichi
oh my god i was so tired, i had 3 hours sleep...i think...haha 
my gyaru make up was not really gyaru, more casual
sry, but i hope u like the look
 yeay a picture with my friend Kathy
 so good cosplay peoples, i make only this two pics
later I was still at a autograph hour
on this picture u can see the bando "Nagareda Project"
so crazy
and in the next u can see my autographs from
  • Nagareda Project
  •  Shuhei Kita 
  • Takayoshi Tanimotoim so proud *hihi*
My Outfit today 

dress: MA*RS

jacket: H&M
headdress: clairs

necklace: Jesus Diamante

bracelet: 666

socks: MA*RS

shoes: buffalo

stockings: japan....i think it was tutu anna

bag: MA*RS

sry im without much make-up, but i was so tired, so i have make a natural look