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~Sailor Moon~

I think each of us has ever seen or heard of sailor moon
since recently in Germany, the new edition of the book has been released, with bonus books.
I have thought of it again to look more and more new items. Therefore, I bought the book and read bonus and find them made ​​really great. pity that it no bonus booklets are over backgrounds of rejected by opponents of sailor moon, like the prince diamond or the starlights. 
I hope that I will soon have all the times book together from sailor moon, somehow I always need to be long.
Sailor Starlights, who have influenced me the most, I am a fan and will Riessen been always will be.
Recently, I've even bought a poster of them, that was beautiful but expensive.

if I have found a suitable frame for it, I'll show it to you once I'm really proud Σ(=°ω°=;ノ)
 Most of all, I'm attached to Seiya, whether as a male or female person, I have always adored him, my dream boy. no matter what my friends would give me, he is the main thing, I would love all of it.
Unfortunately, he has been, perfect figure, very expensive and also the other things from the starlights cost a lot of money, well, I like what it would have.
What I also wish is, this music box of Sailor Moon, which seems to want any, so they usually cost several hundred euros, but I have to save a lot and really stand behind them then buy for that much money.
My Sailor Moon Book coolection
  • sailor moon band 1-18, band 8 missing
  • sailor moon band new band 1-4
  • sailor moon short stories 1-2
  • sailor V band 1
I'm so happy that I have so much already
recently I found a website on which you can build your own sailor warrior
Sailor Star (Sailor Star shine):
  • it comes from the stars, her home is the universe
  • character: shy, cute, clumsy, quick to anger, very jealous, dreamy and more ...
  • is in love.....with.... remains a mystery
  • her best friends are the sailor starlights
I have already outlined years ago times, but never would bring to an end.
I was finally able to create my own costume. im so happy that i found this site and

and I will sew this costume for connichi
that's very important to me because I always compared it to this figure, I've also written stories about 
 So please understand the "Sailor Star" one of my warrior is devised, and no one else
Thank you
and i have make a other sailor warrior
Sailor Heartcatcher:
 she is a warrior of love, it is protected for the love and help those who are looking for true love.
i hope you like my warriors and my blog entri
wish you all a wonderful week 
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