Sonntag, 30. September 2012

Gets ~Baby the Star Shine Bright~

Baby the Star Shine Bright

i love this cute bow, 
i bought it in
closet child
 im so happy its perfect for lolita and 
hime gyaru outfits
 cute hair bow from gyaru sale, its perfect for my pink outfits
i love pink

this hat i bought in h&m 
I want to buy me a red bag and red shoes
i saw wonderful red shoes in the city from "Daniel Katzenberger"

im so happy sui send me my dress :3
and this cute packet for me
yummy rose drops <3
and supi cute purikura from sui-chan

I'm sorry I still have not taken pictures of the dress
but is a cute flower dress 
my sunday was boring.... I'm a bit sick and have headaches
but i have found a cute anime yesterday 
"Kannazuki No Miko"
I've already looked at the first follow and look forward to the next
 it reminds me a bit of strawberry panic
and this is my favorite anime
looks but purely times

i wish you a nice day


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