Sonntag, 23. September 2012

~Gets and Wedding~

Hi Cuties

 my week was ok,
 but it's hard to work after the holidays again
 many regular customers came, so I had a lot to do
 but I was glad to see you all again

  on wednesday I was shopping with my mom
 she has spent a lot of me, knowing that I have no money right now
that's so sweet of her
i have buy the same dress from the last blog entry in black 
and other wonderful things
my favorits are two babydolls
  for sleep, but i find look like a dress
 sorry for bad picture..... 

 I really wanted a pink jacket
and have even asked what is beautiful
 I decided....tada... 
i want this
 its so cute, i love it
I know that would have been better longer, but then I decided for my first choice, because it is so cute
 what do you think about it? oO 
on friday, my cousin got married
Unfortunately I could not go, i worked  
my parents were there and told me today as it was
 It was apparently very nice and the celebration afterwards, many people had fun
 shame that my cousin had opened not my gift
 she had to do a lot of safe
 I hope that I will soon see pictures

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