Sonntag, 11. März 2012

EGG & KERA March 2012


When I look in the spring so I would be happy
i have me even one bought jeans jacket (*^▽^*)
 but a nice jeans pants is still missing  


i love this long hair o(TωT ) and color
unfortunately stands me no blond hair.....
the school uniforms outfit is so pretty on this pic :3 
it reminds me of a friend, 
she have a pic with a similar outfit

Can you see the girl (right) thats so kawai Pajamas
why is there something not in Germany
and on "Rakuten" are all to small for me
im a normal Germany girl and not mega thin, i have an ass........ ( ̄へ  ̄ 凸

She is so hot on the motorcycle (^з^)-☆Chu!!

゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚ ゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚ 


I´ll love always Lolita dresses
 too bad only that it is always so expensive
and by my large breast, which becomes the problems 
nyo......thats my life and i hate ma figur..... 

can tell one how Japanese create so much to take me ? 
We rock the World

my dream will come true
 She is so HOT (☆。☆)
 give me the girl left to my BDay and 
the outfit from the right girl and i would be really overjoyed 

Akira is a sexy boy girl and the outfits are really cool
i find that she has the look of Mutsumi, thats a friend of mine
she is really cute
she has much idea of fashion, my fashion consultant 

here is the perfect hairstyle 
for the outfits and it is even easy to handle
at least if you many hair has
the problem i have fine hair, it not so easy to make it alone
although i work as a hairdresser
(◎`ε´◎ )

so this is my opinion about the magazines in March


  1. Haha, du findest Re:NO also auch heiß ♥ das Weib is unfassbar..ich muss dir mal mehr Bilder von ihr zeigen ♥
    Akira ist eine Frau~ & danke für das Kompliment ♥
    Das auf dem letzten Bild ist Shiratama, nach ihr hab ich meine momentane Frisur gerichtet ♥ (Farben)

    1. ich fand sie schon heiß als ihr sie mir gezeigt habt, aber ich kann mir so schlecht namen merken <3

      Ja habs verbessert XD aber durch den namen dachte ich echt es wer ein Kerl

      hatte ich mir fast gedacht das du das daher hast :3 hat mich gleich an dich erinnert

  2. He does have the same fashion as Mutsumi!

    I think you could pull of lolita really well, you have a really cute face. A yeah, big boobs suck because you can't wear anything D: If only we had Japanese figures....

    1. yes i find.... but he is a girl XD have Mutsumi told me...sry

      thanks >////< i love my lolita dresses, but im fat......
      If we had the Japanese figure, we would be topmodels XP

  3. Spring makes me so happy too... ah, but diet is always problemsome!

    1. yeah spring time is wonderful ^.^
      diet is hard...but I want to lose weight

  4. I admit that lolita dresses are always so expensive T^T

    +1 u got one new follower xD

    1. yeah Q_Q
      and i find the cheap are of poor quality, the most...