Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Happy New year☆

 Hello Cuties 

for the new year party 
I am specially traveled to Dusseldorf to my friends 
we celebrated at yuki´s and lana´s place 
 we have made raclette and had lots of fun

 the ceremony took place with even more people, Yuki, Sui, Ina, Chrisi, Jessy and her partners 
i was the only single, but i love this peoples, i feel like a big family 
and the boys are so cool
 I'm behaving just like sometimes like a guy
a beer and cigarette and I'm fine 
and i like to talk about all fucking shit
 here u can see Sui, Ina and me 
 my cute yuki and me
i love this pictur of u
 grouppicture: Sui, Yuki, Chrisi, me and Lana 
fireworks in dusseldorf was so pretty and so much fun

i hope u all have a wonderful start in the new year
im happy that i can talk to much people in this new year
thanks for all my lovely friends
and last but not least a movie from dusseldorf fireworks
haha ignore my voice in the background

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