Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014


Ohayo my Cuties 

long time not online here, im so sorry
but here my late christmas blog entre
 "pre-christmas party at my friends place"
  Raclette with my friends 
u can see how much food we have, delicouse
the christmas tree from my friend Suttyny
gifts from all for all.
 at my place i have made a pic of my gifts
from Kathy a cute chocolate santa claus and tangerines
and a cute pic of us (u can see in the other pic)
a cute cupcake money box and a pink santa clous *hihi*
A picture of my work colleagues, before we went on our Christmas party
was so funny evening
we rock the house,  together with colleagues from worms
its was a wonderful christmastime
I hope you had a nice Christmas
Merry Christmas

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