Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

~Shopping on Sunday~


after I've overslept this morning 
I've made ​​ready as soon as possible for the city
 my work colleagues were waiting.....sry....
i have problem with my left ear, I do not hear well Q_Q I did not hear my alarm clock
 in the city we went at  first in saturn and then to "Tally Weijl"

I'm in love with a coat in blue Q_Q but size 40 is a little bit to small....
on monday I'll go over again, then call the other stores in and ask whether in 42 or somewhere
I hope i find it, if not I'll take in the 40 and I hope that in a month or more decrease
 its so beauty 

Then I bought two more boots size 39/40
  i love it, its so fleecy 
and so cute socks for hime and lolita outfits 
with cute bow  yeay.... im in love
tally weijl have so good clothes, but the most are so small Q_Q
there are more women with bust....nyo....

and i bought my wonderful new red shoes from daniela katzenberger
i have see them and i fall in love, you can see on my outfit picturs ;3
 so my day was funny and stressed, but i love shopping in my lovely shops 
yesterday i have bough on ebay a cute school uniform for my doll and pink shoes for it
i hope she looks good with them :3 
 my new hime shoes from makiko shop, i love them so
Unfortunately, I had just ordered the wrong size, but could then be exchanged
im so happy
 My Outfit Today
NEW Shoes: Ladystar
Hat: H&M
Earring: Clairs
Scarf: H&M
 top and leggings: i don´t know XD



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