Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

My Week~Nails and more~

Hello Cuties

nyo..... where do I start ......
The week was a busy time on the work, I was even due to the stress very bitchy
XD ~ yeah well I'm just a human being! ... 

This week I got a lot of packages and so
  • beautiful MA*RS Shoes  
  • Jesus Diamante chain from Sui-chan ♥ so wonderful, i love it
  • Dress....XD no more of a shirt 
  •  blue coat of tally weijl, thanks to my mother, im so happy
On Saturday I came home after work and my father said
you have to make the bunny clean, garbage is on monday"
So since I did not want to sacrifice my Sunday, I sat right behind it and tada ....  
Here you see this in the photos, all squeaky clean and feel comfortable with my bunny´s
do today I was with my female colleague working and got me my nails can
how do you find it?
 I find it pretty pink and flower

my week was very long, but went by quickly, I am so glad when the month is around XD

I make out with my extensions must constantly as they go constantly broken.
that makes me quite finished, I'm totally confused

  I think I need someone to hug
that was my week, I hope you had a nice all week and since you still glad fals students since
work stressed over school Q_Q (my opinion)
well I must say I was pleased yesterday, a girl the smile on the face to give it back,
because it was well blended and the color "green sheen" had.
that's the best thing about the whole career of mine


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