Samstag, 3. November 2012


Hello Cuties

im so sorry, I have not posted for so long.....
 i have a virus on my pc and my brother had not time for help me
but on monday he makes my pc 
 then I can get back online more often, not just on mobile phone
im so sorry cuties
i´ve missed you
 I want to tell you so much
a week ago i was with my friend "mutsumi" in city road, 
we were in the Kaufhof and have looked at things halloween
there I am in love with this skeleton XD
so crazy....muhahahaUnfortunately, it was very expensive, 30 euros is a lot of money
 but im happy i have a pic with him....yeay....
we were still eating at pizza hut
I felt like it so bad, I contract no more fast food
but i like the DJ PIZZA
My Nails from Conny

so wonderful, i love it
But since I have some time, they are broken and are renewed on Monday

yeayyyy halloween, was so good, i like it
i want to go as a sexy vampire...problem...
my vampireteeth not hold on my teeth
Q_Q so shit....

but i have a pic with teeth,
you can see on right site --->

but i find i look sexy with my outfit... without vampire teeth

what do you think about it?

I and my friends Anna and Muts went to a party of our friend Nora
There was a lot of fun with friends to drink, to eat and to talk, much better than disco
I am
very glad to have been there
(maxi,muts anna, nora and me <3)
best pic of this night, looks like a puri 
(Nora and me) 

night *kisu*

after that I was really tired and broken, but it was worth it

Good night 
my cuties <3 

your Sashi

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