Sonntag, 11. November 2012

~Gets & Nails~

hello cuties

lats sunday; I burned myself on the finger of hot glue. Im so stupid....
I fully the deep hole in the finger and it heals very slowly
on the work was busy and a lot of stress
im so happy for free day on thuesday, i have bought many things

  • tow case for japan in  turquoise and pink, expensive but really good quality 
  • four sweater from tally weijl
    red and turqoise, pink and black with glitter
  • five mangas from amazon, im so happy, i live to read it
  • my favoirte my bambie parfume from Douglas


looks good, i like it, but Unfortunately, they have not really kept long.I contacted my colleague conny and of course want to have a improvement.
I'm going to my old brand designer, then as I have not the time to repair it always
I'm a little upset because it meant I would have to blame, sry.....
i hope you had a nice week, my week was not so good
this week i have play with Chuchu, a dog from my collegue bella, its so cute



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