Sonntag, 3. November 2013


Hi Cuties 
 Saturday night I was celebrating with my friends
We had a lot of fun
on this pic is Ilona and me, she is so cute 
 we do not see often, but am looking forward to see them again
I know that we will always remain friends
Next day on the Connichi
oh my god i was so tired, i had 3 hours sleep...i think...haha 
my gyaru make up was not really gyaru, more casual
sry, but i hope u like the look
 yeay a picture with my friend Kathy
 so good cosplay peoples, i make only this two pics
later I was still at a autograph hour
on this picture u can see the bando "Nagareda Project"
so crazy
and in the next u can see my autographs from
  • Nagareda Project
  •  Shuhei Kita 
  • Takayoshi Tanimotoim so proud *hihi*
My Outfit today 

dress: MA*RS

jacket: H&M
headdress: clairs

necklace: Jesus Diamante

bracelet: 666

socks: MA*RS

shoes: buffalo

stockings: japan....i think it was tutu anna

bag: MA*RS

sry im without much make-up, but i was so tired, so i have make a natural look

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