Freitag, 20. September 2013


my Cuties
 I'm sorry that I so rarely report
 here you can see pics from my summertime august
 as we had in Germany still warm weather and lots of sun, I went with my work colleagues in the evening at the "beach" (river)
we drank cold beer, talked about many things and had a lot of fun.
 unfortunate that the time always comes around so fast when you have fun times
 thats a wonderful pic of my friends at work
 my aunt, my cousin and his wife and his daughter comes to visit
we were in a bird park (well more of a little zoo)
so cute bambi and flamingo
 it was a beautiful day
 later we went to eat "steak" yummy, thats the best meat
after all, we all went swimming
so crazy....long time I have not been swimming
 I'm really enjoying it
 a pic of my mom at a festival in speyer, so crazy, but she have so fun
my aunt and me we have laughed
Mata ne

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