Samstag, 17. August 2013


Hello my Cuties
im so sorry for so late post, 
im contemplativ at the moment and stressed with work,
i hope you forgive me
 I was in October after a long long time again in Dusseldorf by my friends Jana, Lana and Alina.
 Although Alina had little time because she was sick, but I still made ​​it.
 as you can see I'm little bit of kinked in the attitude.
I wanted to make me smaller for alina, looks stupid, I know....hahaha...

Later we went to a barbecue and then I was with Jana and Lana at home, it was so beautiful.
The best pic of the day with my cute Jana
 Thank you 
for this wonderful Day my lovely friends from Dusseldorf 
 yummy frozen yogurt
I finally had my dress by Tralala on, it's so damn cute, I love it.

Baby the Star Shine Bright
うさくみゃリュック大 Bag
"Flying Love From Juliet" Bonnet
I'm so glad I bought it all, I love this brand
i hope you like my entre, thanks for looking
mata ne

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