Montag, 22. Juli 2013

~The best birthday in my life~2013.04.06

Hello my ♪ Cuties ♪
ヾ(〃^∇^)ノto me♪
today is my birthday and thats the best day in my life
my wish come true im in japan and i can celebrated my birthday here *chu*
the smallest strawberry cake for my birthday from my friends
they sing me german birthday songs and congratulations me
later we eat a hamburger in otsuka, so good
unfortunately I have fatigue and stress by not more get out with the hairdresser appointment, I'm so sorry that I could not cancel. I still feel ashamed that I could not cancel it, but I can not very well call in german.....*drop*
so we went to akihabara and had fun there, but im nervous.... for a meet with a friend
 so I was just at the thought of the clock, to to be on time in shibuya
we are so styler, i like it, all the days in japan we are so stylish
in germany we are not so all the time
 i love tokyo (Japan) i love it so much and i miss it so much
was the best time in my life, but i come back *thihi*
Unfortunately, I have no plan what we wanted to do more in akihabara.....Anyway we having fun
you can see on the pictur.
the way back to shibuya was the hell.....I thought I was dying of afraid and excitement, I was nervous
 when we got there we had 10 minutes to find the "Tsutaya underground"
I  asked train staff with my bad english, where i need to go....
 the stupid rain, the view but very foggy
 thanks catrin we then found it
so we are in the underground of shibuya *yeay*
i have wait.....I ran left and right and back and forth ....I'd be afraid too late
 I was always nervous when he finally came
*hihi* he was late, but he has apologized.
I made me really worry because he was sick and still came, sorry....
it's really different when you identify someone on internet and it looks real then the first time.
I went away alone with him without friends
 we have made purikura, here you can see my nevous smile....>////>
we were go to eat and later to a karaoke bar
♪ i cant sing, but he can sing really good, i like his voice ♪ 
 I got a birthday gift, which made ​​me very happy.
 after the karaoke bar
we went to a bar from a good friend of him
i drink my first heineken, its so good beeru
 he made me laugh all the time, it was really nice.
 I felt the first time in a long time recovered, I will never forget. I thank you very much.
Unfortunately I had to go at midnight because I had the apartment key inserted. otherwise I definitely would have stayed longer.
I will never forget this time, you've made ​​me happy. I also hope you had as much fun
I hope we meet again.
I was on my way to ikebukuro to the BEE Bar
I ran through the rain
 my cute BEE BAR Staff  Marie, she is the best
They congratulated me and I am so happy that they are wrote "happy birthday to you" on the ipad.
 (picture made by Marie)
i got a glowing and sparkling Birthday Cocktail. It was singing for me.
 It was a beautiful evening/morning.

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