Dienstag, 24. September 2013


Hello my Cuties
Catrin, anna and I drove off Friday afternoon and arrived in the evening in Kassel.
 I was tired and hungry, right after we brought our stuff to the hotel.  
we went into the town and looked for a restaurant and find it.
i love rump steak
Saturday: Lets go to Connichi
we have finised dress up and start to go
i was so happy to see so many old and new friends, thats the best of all in this time
 Catrin and me
 after the queue, we go in to the vendor space
I love to shop, even if I barely had money, I've got a stuffed animal at my favorite seller
 a cute little cinnamoroll 
 late i have meet my cute Yuki and pretty Sui
 Yuki is always there for me thats why I like her so much 
i was so happy to see the both *hug*
it's always so much fun
and here you can see my sexy Ina, pretty Sui and cute Yuki
i have meet Kai Yoshida
we have often talked over fb, but this was the first time that we saw each other live.
 and his girlfriend Anju, she is so cute
(she look scary on this pic, sry)
later I went off to the lolita fashion show,  
before I met another customer of my work and Senja
she looks so cute with her hime 
after the lolita modeshow
 with my sexy Ina (*3*)b she is so perfect and lovely
angelic pretty looks so good on her
with Kia, long time not see her
 kiss to my cute yuki, she is so lovely
later with yuki, ina and steven outdoors in the park
 we have searched binh
and i have make more pics with her
Nagareda Project
it was really nice and I was pleased that he has sung a song of neon genesis evangelion.
he was so a good singer and so crazy
perfect Day ends

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