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~Shopping Tour~2013.04.03

Hello Cuties

Day11: yeay shopping, my keyword
I think about clothes as I've never been as happy in japan. I just love to shop
here you can see the first stop on a toilette, i feel like a princess in a flower power garden, so sweet
 there was a toilet that looked after by universe
so fantatstic idea
 and here a pictur of me of this cute toilette, i like this mirror
Marui "0101"
I reported it here that I really want this dress from BTSSB "Princess Cornelia"
I was lucky there was a dress and I bought it of course and many other accessories to it. a complete outfit. 
a dress that carries my name, im so happy
headbow, Socks, cuffs & shoes
I felt like a princess on the day
 so many stamps, because I bought so much
on this day i have bought many things, my cool new shoes 
 a wonderful prisila wig 
and many more accesoires from monomania and my lovely moi meme moitie ring

 then we went to the cd, dvd and staple
i have a bought the new gothic lolita bible 
SID & Hakuei
since I'm back from japan, I only hear Hakuei and Diaura, which then reminds me of the beautiful days there
 im a big fan from Malice Mizer, so im so happy for found this for little money
the one and only 
with autograph cards
(pity that there are none because of tatsuya the new drumer)
I am proud that I bought this cd
wonderful music, yeay

 Tada i have a photo with him, thanks catrin for make this pictur
because he is always running around so, Catrin came up with the idea to call in Tori because we did not know the name.
so from today we called him Tori-chan 
he is so cute
 bodyline & h.naoto
we were up in the evening in harajuku
 and later at the "bee bar" we have play darts and drink much trinks and have much fun 
i love this bar
here you can see catrin in the entre tunnel of the bee bar
 It was really a beautiful night
 Purikura of the Day

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