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~Cat Cafe Nekorobi~2013.04.02

my Cuties
Day10: Catrin and I met a friend of her "Tomoyuki" and were then in Sunshine City.
he was really nice, we have talk and eat good food and a strawberry drink, so delicous
so much shit, but warm
then we met up with conny and anna at ikebukuro station
I am really pleased to see conny again, she's so sweet.
then we go to the Cat Cafe 
 Conny&Anna with a cute kitty
 here you can see me with my favorit cat, she is so cute
i love this grey cat *chu*
and her you can see catrins favorit cat in black, she looks so devil XD crazy cat
 feeding time
you can see all cats
 so cute Jiji toilette :3
then I have made ​​detours because I wanted to take a photo of a boy i found really cute, like a little brother
 for which I was traveling alone, I have managed a photo to make it *thihihi*
 I was really proud of myself and so nervous
later in a bar, im so crazy, i want to bite catrin....hahaha
(i have two cute videos but i cant upload here T_T but i hope i find a chance yet to show they still, sry

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