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~ShabuShabu, Karaoke & Decadancebar~2013.04.04

 Good Morning
my Cuties
the sun is shinning and my first pic on this day
 today we have meet "Sayaka" she is a friend by catrin
in Ueno
we went to eat shabu shabu
my first time i eat that, so delicous
here u can see blowfish 
I wanted to give a try and I'm glad to have done it.
 I was very happy and I'm still alive.
bring to a boil vegetables in hot water
 the best meat (beef)  of the world, which was so delicious, I would have wanted more.
 something you should try, it tastes very delicious
 here you can see dipsouce and my beer
yeah, i like to drink beer,
the others drink tea and water
 Sayaka and Catrin, bad pic sorry, but it is the best of the two i made
 cherry blossoms ice cream yummy yummy  
 I've been looking forward to meet Sayaka and I'm glad it when you next visit japan to meet again with her baby. it is a very nice person and you can easy to talk to her, I am very grateful for the wonderful time and shabushabu. Arigatou Sayaka
Later we meet a friend of me "Takashi" in Shinjukku and go to a
50's style Izakaya!
 I unfortunately made ​​no pictures. but that you can imagine that it was small and cramped. On the walls was full of images and report from the 50´s. It was a very quiet round because Takashi is very shy, I had never noticed the writing.
 Catrin and anna ate an Oppai ice cream there, the perverse....*thihihi*

 we were the first time singing karaoke, I'm looking forward to pretty happy, just stupid if you can not read Japanese.
here you can see the wall, so cute dolphine and a scary shark
 but it has nevertheless made ​​fun, even if I could not sing the song I wanted white Lich only knew the chorus....*hahaha*
 Catrin and Anna sings a japanese anime song, They had also problems to read everything in Japanese
later we have sing digimon, takashi had picked out, but we have sung in german and takashi in japanese, so crazy....
 Thanks for a great time Takashi
 important for the next blog entry. When we were on the straight away to decabar, I saw a host that looked just like tori, even anna and catrin thought that. fully crass. that has me very fascinated.
 Tada and here we are again in the Decabar
i love it, so much fun
 pics of us, i have white hair in this light
 we are creepy girl, but catrin more shy girl\(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ 
We met very nice people and had a lot of fun
 Prince &Catrin
 Love v(* ̄▽ ̄*)〃▽〃)Love 
so cute
Catrin had their date until the next morning.
I was just traveling alone, I needed fresh air. later I went with anna again through Shinjuku at night and then back home.
was so a good day, im so happy.
if I lived in Japan, I would be traveling a lot and certainly often visit decabar.

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