Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

~Question about me~

My best moment in this year?
My birthday, I got the first time after a long time felt safe and free from all around me. it was a beautiful, funny and sad day. take farewell is not easy when you love someone. This feeling and joy on this day I will never forget, thank you for everything. You have given me new courage to make more and keep fighting for what I want. (The person will know that it is meant)

Whether I'm in love?
yes, but the person does not love me, but I'm happy to be friends with him.
What I'm reading at the moment?many romantic love stories (manga), because that distracts me from reality and something makes me happy.

What is my current favorite song?currently is my favorite song of Hakuei-Ashita No Kaze To Hoshi Ai No, it reminds me of the wonderful time in Japan.

What I regard as home?
I'd rather not say ..... because everyone knows that I hate Germany ..... and everyone knows what I love, if he knows me.

What I most like to do in my free time?
my friends reply, my blog writing, reading mangas, watching anime, party with friends.

How would I call my child?
um ..... so my name because I can not have so Sashi on the pass, I would like to have a girl that has the name for me .... but I would let my partner decide. 
Life wisdom!
Also beautiful roses have thorns.
Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone!

Wish for the future? 
That my dreams come true 

These are my current feelings ....
confused .... hard to explain. 'm around a lot in my head.

My Idol? why?
Mana (Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois), because he's pretty wonderful and I had the feeling that he has a very strong personality, to which I very much envy him. I envy him, he has managed everything he wished and hope it continues to be so with him.

Yes but I would like to wean myself, but I need help. if my partner would not smoke, I would stop for him so he does not suffer under it.

 how tall I am?
1.62 cm, small but nice

Am I naive?
Yes, unfortunately
Lucky number?
So the last question I put to you
Since many of to ask me a small description at the last time from me and I never know how to answer, I would like to learn from you how you
describe my character. 
please write it just underneath here. I am pleased if many observations.  
please not only negative muhahahahaha  *joke*

if I have other questions, you can ask me

Bye my cuties *chu*

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