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~Harajuku Fashion Walk~2013.03.31

my Cuties
 Day8: After little sleep about 3 hours, we started already on the way to the "harajuku fashion walk"
in front of the train station we met the others who went on the walk. There I also met my friend mali and her husband again, which unfortunately could not be there that long. I found it really nice to know someone there.
I'm sorry that I was so nervous and shy in the decabar I was there completely different .....
Here you can see a cute group of fantastic clothes
my favorit was the two girl with the clown wig, so fantastic style and so cute 
soon more and more photos were taken and the walk began

oh i have found a youtube video from this walk from "TokyoFashionNews"
so you can see all fantatic fashion.

eventually we stopped to make a few photos
so cute girls and so many peoples
unfortunaly it was so cold.... brr....
Me & Catrin
i like this hair color so cool, and she had a cool style
she is really pretty
cute girl and me
 Anna & me
Anna, Junnyan & me
 he is really funny and nice, so sympathetic
Little Shooting
of my Outfit
dress: btssb
hairbow: btssb
socks: btssb 
jacket: Angelic Pretty
necklace: jesus diamante
bracelet & shoes: no name
too bad I could not wear this with the contact lenses, but I was just too exhausted from the bar decadance....but i hope you  like my sweet lolita outfit *chu*
A group pictur you can see my of the right site 
i love this pictur  
Unfotunaly,   We are then also went because we had not eaten and it was very cold.
 Next time we should not be awake before the whole night.
 my favorit food in japan, i miss it so much *cry*
so yummy
 kyary pamyu pamyu  
 I would have gone to her concert, but alone is not good for me
 Puri of the Day

in the evening we met a friend of Catrin (names Shu) and went to eat delicous  
and a cute kitty on the table
it was a really nice evening, I thank you very much for time to try eating a traditional. but large shells I do not like this since day XD~
Mata ne

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