Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

~Shibuya/Shinjuku~ 2013.03.30

Day 7: today i have meet Jasmin and her boyfriend in Shibuya at Hachiko Station
I had to get really scared too late, as I was glad they came too late
 I've been looking forward to meet them, but we had to go right to find the hairdresser salon.
on the picture you see in the street is the salon, you can see the outline. The name is "Coco" (
see arrow)
Jasmine was the best translator, the end result was great, I was very pleased with the long hair.
I love extentions and long hair on me, i dont like short hair on me....
Then I felt a lot more comfortable in my skin
you are the best Jasi *hug* 
From the day I was much better mood
later we were eating, we were hungry, it was so yummy 
 Then we went shopping in Shibuya 109 for Jasi
 Jasmine has been surprised that some of the stuff girl who greeted me.
 I was apparently remarkably, I was happy.
yes of course I've also bought things ...could not resist that.
 I was so happy when I came into the skirt by Glavil, so a cool rock, im in love

Jasmin has also found a few things, for friends and for yourself.
 It was fun to go shopping with her
 at glad news shop, has recognized me the stuff girls again, thats make me happy. 
She have say to me, that she like my voice >/////<  im blushing
I said that she can attract everything because she's so pretty.
i love this pictur of me and the beautiful girl from glad news, she is so sexy
thank you jasmin, you've asked and have made the photo.
when we finished we were on our way home. Jasmine had an appointment with other people and I went home and tried out my new stuff.
Thank you for this wonderful Day Jasmin *big hug* you are so lovely
in otsuka I got the skirt and the top tried on,  
what I want to put on the decadance party in the evening
Then I put myself on my laptop and wrote my first blog entry about Japan.
then I chill and wait for the others who were on a concert (Mucc concert)
as they were then as we made ​​ready
new make up and styled for the party.

 My Outfit
 devil ears: Glavil
shirt: Glavil
skirt: Glavil
jacket: H&M
gloves + tights: little japan shop
shoes: little german shop
I love my Outfit so much, i feel so sexy on this day, sorry 
 (sounds conceited, but is not meant)
 she is so cut and lovely, and i like her style, therefore I have spoken to her
 she is really lovely, i like her haircut,
we have still contact about twitter
so cute  
 one of the DJ's there
 Although he has looked bad, but he was very friendly
Ma-li and her husband Rick
they were really friendly, too bad I got to know her so late.

Here you can see a pictur of a wall painting
I could write something on a broadsheet "Germany"
 had already drunk a lot, so it was not easy.....*thihi*
i love Decabeeru

i love dance and music, i miss it
  I made a little video because I found it so interesting
 pity that there is not something for us, I would be there every weekend
 A lot has happened in the evening, there was also stressful, but I was thankful that "Arno" could help a little. Just a shame we could not stay longer. But the next day we wanted to go to Harajukuwalk. 
It was a great night
After that, I was really tired, but it was still good.


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