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~Ueno/Asakusa~ 2013.03.29

Ohayo Cuties 
 Day 6
today i have meet my friend "Koichi" i was so nervous 
when I met him at the station otsuka, I had the feeling to know him a long time.
he came from Nagoya and may very well english
 on this day we have a lot done and experienced, so the entry is possibly very long
the first you can see Ueno
thank you my friend, we could see much better Ueno again, I was happy.
Catrin and me and Photobomber Anna, so crazy


On the way to the museum, 
past Asakusa and skytree
on this day we walked a lot
 It was a lot of fun
 We have talked and seen a lot.
 but then I am happy to finally be in asakusa the temple,  
I wanted to go to conditionally.

 as you can see the two had a lot of fun
 Temple, oh my god, im so happy

  I bought a good luck charm and a future forecast.
I was really afraid of the future, but fortunately everything was positive
 I was so happy and my heart beat very fast.
 thihihi i look like a shinning angel
I also prayed for my future on this day
yummy japanese ice, i love it 
 So I saw that, I'll be right back and have also taken a photo, something you do not see every day traditional, so beautiful
Me and the Skytree
 a shrine
Here you can see a little Movie of the long walk, sry i feel so ugly on it.....ignore it

 Mata Ne

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