Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

~Shibuya/Otsuka~ 2013.03.28

Day 5
Catrin had a job buisness interview on this day.
So I was alone that day with Anna
we went to Shibuya, where I made ​​only once a picture with Hachiko
you know the story of hachiko? 
if not, then you should times absolutely read it or watch on movie.
It is a very sad story.
 Here you can Shibuya in its splendor, I am very happy here.
advertising posters
 Shibuya 109
 i love this place
MA*RS Gets from this Day 
im in love with Ma*rs *chu*
 I love to go shopping in shibuya, I did not buy as much today, but I have yet decided on the dress at Glad News. I have also liked to have seen the stuff people again, they are all so pretty and sweet. In Germany they are unfortunately, not always.
so who likes to go shopping, go to shibuya *thihi*
  109 Mens
 At noon we met with Catrin and then went into the 109Mens
 that was pretty funny, I felt little bit of stupid.
 I bought my brother some cool glasses. Catrin and Anna what for themselves. it was really funny, the look and the talk of the boys.
the belongings were really cool, such belongings I would also like to my boyfriend
 Evening we were still eating in Otsuka and then sleep.
 if you can call the sleep, we were usually awake yet and talked.
My Outfit/Otsuka

Super Lovers
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Buffalo

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