Montag, 29. April 2013

~Cosmetic& cool Shoes Gets~

 Hello Cuties 

so here you can see other gets from japan, cosmetic gets and so... 
i hope you like it
 Dolly Wink eyelashes
and other eyelashes
perfect for Hime Gyaru and Gothic&Lolita
Candy Doll liquid foundation, powder, rouge
Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil, mascara
MARIA´s Hair Color Chalk in yellow
 Face masks, i love it,
soothes and improves skin
bath ball
so cute kuma on the packaging
 Perfect for relaxing, it calms my eyes and lets me fall asleep quickly
 I bought it the same to me a lot because I like to use when I can not fall asleep or it will relax from everyday life
 the mask is warm and leaves behind a rose-scented

the one and only 
my perfect cool Shoes
unfortunaly, they are passed to the roundtrip something breaks
and rivets have been lost
yeay so cool, im cool, i love it

Good night my cuties

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