Sonntag, 21. April 2013

~Ueno/Harajuku~ 2013.03.26


Hello my Cuties
Day 3
today we have meet a friend from Catrin  
 he made ​​a special trip otsuka and brought us eat and drink and gifts
He has given me the Ageha and a sweet bunny
 the bunny speaks to what the talks do, but squeaky
we are with him then to Ueno
 Cherry blossoms everywhere 
 I felt like in a dream, so beautiful   

A cat on a tree, so cute
the attraction in Ueno park
but she looked very scared
so many peoples...
 cherry blossoms up close
yeay a cosplayer, so cool 
traditional houses i love it 
 We are just on the way down, there were many small shops with food
 a tame bird...
 I think as much as on the day we are not yet walk
a pictur with Hide, Catrins friend
he even brought food for the day, so more sweets
that was really nice, thanks 

later we went to eat something together in Ueno
chinese food, but looks so cute with the panda
so much......but yummy
 Then we said goodbye to hide and even went to harajuku
my first time here, so cool
I'm so excited about japan, I feel like I have lived here forever
Purikura of the Day 

My Outfit 

Dress: LizLisa

necklace: six

bracelet: from Ande

shoes: new yorker 

BYEBYE my cuties
thanks for read my blog 

your Sashi

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