Montag, 22. April 2013

~Shibuya~ 2013.03.27

Day 4 (Asakusa: we switched here)

we went to sky tree city in Oshiage
I've bought the egg and there for my mom a bear pendant in a shop
later, I still invite me in rilakkuma shop many things brought
I'll show you all in the next entry
after the small shopping tour we meet our friend Jasmin
 and we go to Shibuya
Hashiko Station: The story of Hachiko is so sad and so great, I love the movie.
 Jasmin has shown me that, as we meet there a few days later because the hair appointment
Purikura of the Day
Sakura Gal Party

 Yes I know I was really scared for this evening
 I'm just shy and I feel alone, helpless, especially because my english is not so good.
but i found it not good if you want to me a thousand times where sat down alone just so each of us gets to know other people, if i say no i mean no.....
ARIGATOU  (^з^)-☆Chu!!
 but Anna stayed with me and tried to calm me down. In the end I was not as resistant to all,
so we had fun 
Anna, Me, lovely girl and Jun
I ate clams that taste like chicken
tuna i love it <3
and beeru
im shy  (=⌒▽⌒=)   


dress: rare london
jacket: Angelic Pretty 
tights: Tutu Anna
shoes: new yorker
hairband: clairs 

your Sashi

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