Dienstag, 9. April 2013

~Otsuka/Shibuya~ 2013.03.25

Day 2: Today I will tell you from my shopping day and a fun evening with my friends 
 Hanami tree, so beautiful
 my outfit for shooping day in shibuya
 mutsumi and me on the way to shibuya 109
I was super good mood to finally go shopping, my highlight
 so many peoples.....
sometimes very annoying, but the shopping does not bother me

 I was very nervous, but the seller were all very kind to me and my friend
I liked most of the day, Mars and the Glad News shop. Although I have nothing on the day at Glad news but my friend Catrin bought already.
GladNews stuff is so pretty, i love the style, so cool and stylisch...wow....
 my shooping exploitative
Cocolulu: 2 Shirts
MARS: 2 dresses
Tralala: 1 dresses
LizLisa: 2 dresses
Glavil: headdress
you can see many clothes in my next day outfits 
and here you can see my dress from tralala, so cute <3
 I've tried it in our apartment 
 and i eat my cute Hatsune miku food
Purikura of this day:
with Catrin <3
The Night we have meet Anna and her friend in Ikebukuro
We went to eat and after that in a bar called "BEE"
we had many fun
 there I met asami which has all the evening looked after us
she is so lovely and looks so pretty
 thats anna and her friend
 thats a pic of catrin, andi and me XD so crazy.....
 catrin and andi (he has often been viewed)

Unfortunately, I've been drinking that evening too much
  but i can play great darts with the friend from anna, we had a lot of fun
catrin and me drove later with the taxi home, because we are still very long, I believe to 4 am or so
anna was then another night at her friend 
 I could celebrate longer, so funny *thihi*
mata ne

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