Samstag, 30. März 2013

~Ikebukuro~ 2013.03.24


Day 1
my trip to japan has begun.....
my mom and my dad drove me to the airport to frankfurt
i was so nervous......"Japan" was a dream of mine
at the airport then I met catrin and anna. we waiting for CHECK IN 
There was a lot going on at the airport, the area was in we had even stopped by the police
yeay....thats makes me more nervous
but so we have check in, we go to eat at MCDonalds 
(from airplane in china)
In airplane:
"So the fly high and fly down doing my ears not great"
the eat was good and enough.... i want to drink more... 
 So in China, I never want to change is really a different world, because you get anxious
 (anna, catrin and me in airplane)

when we finally arrived in Japan, we had to take a piece to get to Osuka. I was really broke and thirsty.
in osuka brian gave us equal seen and captured by us to bring apartment
im so happy

(A view over the city from our apartment in otsuka)

"Sashi in Tokio"
the dreams come true

when we were done with everything then we went even to Ikebukuro
 so i have see so much  wonderful things
"Hello Kitty Gift Gate" was so cute i love them

because we were so hungry, we then also looking for a while to eat according to what made
i saw a wonderful cute boy on this day with hat 
he have say "Kawaii" but i dont know to whom.....catrin, anna or me, but i hope me *thihihi* 
 so we found a good restaurant 
I drink beer, i like it 
乾杯 Kanpai
 we eat Okonomiyaki   

The first Purikura <3
 so then we go home to osuka and XDD can´t sleep

but we have sleep eventually......


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