Sonntag, 10. März 2013

~About me~Love

Im so sorry for long time not ask about my live and so.... currently im in stressed with my japan travel in march/april. I'm afraid to forget something and am nervous about my bad english. But im happy that friends says to me that my english is good for a normal talk and i have angels to help me in japan "Thank you" chu.....

friends of mine are pregnant, im so happy about it.
just a pity that the time goes by so fast. 

I will miss my friend, but I hope they have a healthy baby. 
I hope I will also times can raise a happy family as my dear friend Bella, or at least a happy relationship
I wish you all that we are happy
 back to thema japan and many loves
yes im nervous for all, here my plans in japan
  • hairdresser in shibuya for extentions, my dreams come true i miss my long hair 
  •  a welcome party and meet many friends from me and my two friend the fly with me
  • shopping yeay...
  • Culture (temple and pics)
  • Karaoke
  • Concert DiAura/Mejibray
  • Decadance Bar "Dark Dimension" Tokyo
as a last resort just before we leave, I celebrate my birthday on 6 April
on this day i have a wish......chu.....(its a secret/promise)
 so now you know that I'm flying. Thats my first fly to so a far away country....
But I'm sorry I will bring what anyone can.
my family comes first and I still have something good in my work because they have to work for me.
 that's meant no harm, but my suitcase just enough for me to send and postage is very expensive, I do not think you want to pay it, that would indeed be the only solution.

my dream is finally coming true
I hope everything will be okay and that I'm healthy again, I would probably prefer to stay there. 


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