Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013


my cuties
sorry for late blogentre *ashamed*
but i have many new things

for two week i have meet my friends mutsumi, anna and sutyny 
anna got a beautiful jacket from sutyny, she looks so cute with her new jacket *jealous*
but im happy for her
 Unfortunately, she had to go to the day before, but mumi, sutyny and I went shopping even further
I now have three new beautiful dresses and some new cool shoes
 so cute i love The beads on the collar

mutsumi wanted the dress, but it was too short and so I tried it and it was really great
both dresses had given me sutyny
*in love* perfect shoes from buffalo in pink  
 I've searched all the time for these shoes and had finally found

it was a perfect day with my friends, I thanks all
I was not so happy in a long time
I have to say what....this shooting i made for a friend
for Valentine's Day
 therefore I show here is not the same photos that he got because the best photos were intended for his eyes
i hope you understand it, thanks
 looks like a ID card photo
 dream about him...chu....
  i hope you like my outfit and my last new wonderful dress

My Make-up
for shooting
 I hope you like my blogentre

my wonderful cuties 

your Sashi

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