Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

~Christmas Time no.2~

my Cuties 

christmas can be a beautiful time,  
but unfortunately never will run everything just as you would
but I hope that all of you had a  
wonderful christmas and that your wishes come true 
today my outfit and make up, i find i look like a doll on this pic, so emotionlesswhat do you think about it? oO 

I was with the thoughts elsewhere on this day
i miss the time
christmas with my friends a great party, as previously
thanks to everyone who thought of me
thats the christmas tree of my familie ----> 

my brother and me
we looks so broken...yeay...long day..
My Presents

my brother 
and her girlfriend,
a cute hello kitty
with charmykitty
wet wipes
Tinkerbell all movies, so cute <3
Anna Sui perfuem  all from my mom
and a heart from my big half sister

thanks for this wonderful christmas and i wish you all have a nice time


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