Dienstag, 4. September 2012


I and my work colleagues have gone to an event "World of Perfume" 
First we get an explanation of how the company is structured and what makes them 
we got a few fragrances presented, my colleague has bought even two 

I've got more interested in the make-up stuff
I let myself make-up
 I asked for a possibility to cover my eyes rings
 I got a bright make-up applied and already had my eye rings away
i love pink, so I asked for a pink eyeshadow 
I got a powder eyeshadow is very strong without the need to water
and a slight purple fringe
 you feel like a star on the chair, so many cameras made ​​photos
here a photo of me with star stylist Tobias Richter and the rest of the team
I got along well with all
 I made a little video as my colleague conny was rouged
 as only one side was done, I took a photo for comparison
you can see it on the pic, left before and right after
so shiny and the eyes get more for retribution
 she got a green eyeliner on the eyes, I think it suits her well

conny and I have even registered with them, with some products because we were very satisfied
 it was a beautiful evening and the time went by too fast

here a link
if you have interest you can get yourself there be near info
 if you need a customer number, you can tell me

thanks for reading 
and sorry for my bad englisch Q_Q


congratulations to the winners of my giveaway 
Senja and Mutsumi

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