Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

~Presento~Baby and more

 my brother came back from holiday in spain
below you can see my gift from him
its so cute with my name Q_Q 
im so happy 
thank you so much

my cousin married  
on 21 september
I unfortunately can not come and 
i know that she gets a baby
i have bought this cute dress, 
look like a princess :3
i color and cut my hair on my work 
i look like a "Struwwelpeter"
XD so crazy.....
 on sunday I get finally my hair extensions
im so happy 
I can at the Connichi without cosplay look good :3
my Cosplays and outfit on Connichi
Friday: Nagisa Aoi - Strawberry Panic
Saturday: Cure Rhythm - Suite Pretty Cure
Sunday: i think Hime Gyaru 
 I'm looking forward to meet Nana, Sui, Senja and all my wonderful cute and lovely friends there
- hairclips from little twin star
- wonderful roses hairclips
- cute bow-heart earring (thank you to senja-chan)
 two new brush for powder
one for the road and the other for home
I had a nice day, I hope you also
bye bye my cuties 

the last chance
my giveaway ends on Friday

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