Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

~Connichi 2012~

Hello Cuties

I went Thursday with Günny and david go to kassel
My hotel was on the ass in the world
it was very small, dirty, moldy, etc. So again I will not go there
 so I was happy to eat dinner with the guys and drink still to go
  it was so funny

Cosplay: Nagisa Aoi- Strawberry Panic 
My Make-up and Circle Lenses in pink
looks lila in my eyes....
Fridays at the Connichi I already bought almost everything I wanted
almost all of my friends did not come until Saturday at the Con 
in the evening we went back to eat and drink XD
Cosplay: Cure Rhytme - Suite Pretty Cure
I have met many people
First, I met Günny and his friends and then with Brilliant Hime (Senja) 
im was so happy and nervous..... me and senja met Sui 
she is so cute and pretty, it was so nice to meet her and talk so much
Senja, Sui and me
pics from sui princess
I've also enjoyed huge Ilona, Nana, Kago and everyone else to see them again, 
it was really awesome with you
thank you so much for all
 so crazy, i like it (perfect cos)
me and mutsumi :3 (pic from Günny)
somehow I get bored on Sundays always
no one has time to make all the stress and most of them go back home early
I am sad that the connichi its end and I see many friends again not as fast 
it was a nice weekend
my purchases

My melody plush

 I could not decide so I've bought both
i both the cute with bow :3 the mom for my rest oft plüschi
happy family in my bed 
and a cute rosa cinnamoroll carm
 Nana -To Love Ru
so cute, pity that her sister was not there
I consider it to cosplay
 thanks for reading


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