Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

~Favorites Make-up/Hair~Egg & Ageha~

Egg & Ageha Juli´12

here my favorite cute clothes, its so lovely  
wonderful styles, the left is a good idea for Discotime and 
right looks like a sweet rock summer 
wonderful eye make up, 
this summer is turquoise is TREND
My favorite hairstyles
its really easy and looks so cute for summertime
for lonk and shorter hair 


she is so cute and perfect hime gyaru

the cute hairstyle,  I wish long hair again

really cute hairstyles for a normaly school or work day, it does not always have to exaggerate.....or what you think? oO 
I love the gyaru style, but my dresses are too good for the working, and my hair.... is normaly all day, but in my free time i make more styling 

i find this is a really good idea fora Gala or or a special occasion 
really nice

byebye my cute dears

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