Montag, 9. Juli 2012

~My Holidays~

my new haircolor "blond"
 september or october I want to make a hair extension
i like more long hair.... short hair is so nyooo.... different...

  my female colleague working Conny and I went swimming last Tuesday, my first time for 3 year.....Unfortunately, nobody wanted to go swimming with me
so I was very happy that I finally come to swim
We had lots of fun and were even in the sauna

New nail color, i like dark red,
look like blood XD .....its a joke
I like plain nails 
Unfortunately I can not make gyaru nails,
because of my work.....
My new thing from Heidelberg store "Accessorize",
flipflops, hairband, letter, sticker and wet wipes for hot days

 last week I was traveling a lot Visiting a doctor, swim, hair coloring and passport applied for japan next year, it is expensive....
the town hall, I then saw these beautiful flowers and photographs 
so beautiful and colorful
on saturday I was in cologne of CSD i have made party with friends at Stollwerk, but it was not as great. 
so me and chrisi gone by 4 clock and Sunday morning home.... im so tired, but chrisi ist the best, thx for all. The way home was very funny
 I hope you had a nice week
Good night Dears

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