Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

New Hair, Outfits, Make-up and more

Here are my outfits, i hope you like it
 Today i have meet my friends Mutsumi and Anna, we have eat frozen joghurt, that was my first time where I ate.... before i ate Tekka Don T_T oh my god... i hate this day, I've eaten too much. I'm just a diet, and only 1,200 calories per day to take me...unfortunately it was too much. but I hope I soon lose even more weight, I already lost 4 kg, but i want to lose 15 kg or more ;_; 
wish me luck 

My Make-up today 
 a simple make-up for each day
eye shadow white: l´oreal
eye shadow pink: manhatten
eyeliner (REAL): UMA
 eyelash mascara: manhatten


my hair was very damaged, so i cut my hair short 
i almost cried....but I will when I finally have a nice color, extentions make purely
miss my longer hair....shit palty...
I will never use more...

what do you think about it? 

thanks for 47 followers, im so happy
I want to start at 50 followers a Giveaway


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