Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

~New Oufit~Today~

My new Outfit

blouse: New Yorker
jacket: New Yorker
pants: New Yorker
bag: Clairs
shoes: i dont know....sry....
accessories: C&A

i hope you like it, i find its a good summer look

Today i have made passport photo :3 I think it has become well 

what do you think about it?  i hope you like it too.   i´ve also bought the keychain, i find it so cute with the rose on the site

I met my friends,
We were eating and drinking bubble tea  

i took Jasmin tea with woodruff flavor and tabioka pearls 
but It was a little bitter..... not so good 

Later we went shopping a bit, Anna have found a wonderful dress in the tally weijl, look so cute on her. 
i have found sweet hairclips (bow and flowers)

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