Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

~Hanami Sunday~

Yeay i have meet Denise Mondhase and her wonderful friends, they made pictures :3 i like this pic of me and you <3

Mutsumi and me have made a picture with Denise <3 i like it 

It was not as warm, but it was a beautiful day
 It was really nice to have seen so many people again
 I bought a figure of "magica madoka akemi" 

pictures from me and Mufin and Maxi <3 
photographer "Mutsumi"

When it started raining we went to eat in a Sushi storewith Mutsumi, Anna, Jasi + bf, Arthur + gf, sry.... i forget names... sorry. " I like Bear" 
 It was a beautiful weekend, after that I was very tired
thanks for a wonderful time 

good night


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    1. können wir gern mal machen wenn wir uns sehen <3 hätte auch gern eins mit dir