Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

~Hanami Saturday ~

 I have meet many friends on this day 
im so happy 
Unfortunately the weather was not so nice, very rainy..... 
but i look like a summer girl 
ah i love my new wig 
how do you find it? 

 my wonderful gyaru shoes, 
last year i have buy it,
but unfortunately I have ordered it too late.....
so i was able to attract only now
so wonderful "pink" shoes 
with heart heel 

 my new pink nails
i like this color, 
but i dont like my idea with the flower on this nail

 you can see a little bit from my dress,
my friends took pictures of my outfit 
when I get it I will upload them 
i have see Denise Mondhase 
she is so a cute and lovely girl and her friends too
 it was just coincidence that we met 
I was very pleased

 my new things,
pendant from pretty cure "Hummy" 
and from rilakuma a mobile phone case, 
thx Nora-chan for the tip
my lovely Nana-chan
thanks for all messages *kisu*

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