Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Ageha 05.2012

My new Ageha :3 i love it
 Yeah i love hut and bows
my mom says "hut looks good to you" 

So beautiful school uniform  

wonderful hairstyles for all day, 
but the most have long hair Q_Q 
my hair is not so long......
but i like the idea
and i have found some pictures for short hair 
thats the hairstyles for short hair :3 
i love curly hair 
Unfortunately I still have no curler

Nailfashion and crazy girl with many bows in the hair

oh my god, i love this girl and her hair, she is so cute and i like the pink hair strands

 really cute outfits, I would prefer to buy all I want to try this make-up soon, i find it so pretty  

when i saw it..... i thought of Mutsumi and Anna XD because they have done so pictures:  "makes it sometimes" and i would do this hot girl with gun "bang" i hope mutsumi can make a pictur that looks like this 

i want to cosplay Snow White, but i need a prinz (but a girl)
i like it

Here is a thank to my friend Ande 
she have send me wonderful birthday presents :3 thank you so much 
i love the Alice 

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