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 1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
 2. Answer the questions the tagger
has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them....
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag
 Alright...let's start.

About Me 

1. Im 1,64 cm  (foto) 
2. I like Gyaru and  Gothic&Lolita Style
 3. I like to eat sushi and salad
4.  Im Hairdresser , i love my work, but is it stress
5.  I love to go celebrating  with my friends

6. I have a Tatoo with my Name "Sashi"
7. What I find beautiful about me, my face is, the most my eyes
8. i love hot girl <3  with lots of carisma

9. I'm looking forward again next year, i fly with Mutsumi and Traumfrau to Japan :3 the 3 musketeers
10. I hate my Nose XD But soon they will be directed (Sep or Okt´12)
11. My Idol is Mana

Questions by  Mutsumi

#1  How many shoes do you own?
ähm....... i think 50 or more xP

#2 Have you ever thought about plastic surgery? If so, what would you consider?
Yes, I'll let me make my nose. I would make sure that it looks natural.

#3 Do you like Anime/Manga? Tell me your favorites ♥
Yes, my favorit is Strawberry Panic, i love this story <3

#4 Tell me some of your favorite musicians ♥
Mana, Lm.C, Gackt, 2Ne1, Brown eyed Girls, Katy Perry, Rihanna and many more....

#5 Are there any brands that inspire you?
Gyaru and Lolita Fashion inspired me, but Mutsumi is my style expert XD

#6 Do you name your belongings? Like bags or shoes or parts of your body?
No....only my teddy had a name....

#7 Have you ever been abroad? What is your favorite travel activity?
Yes, favorite activity i dont know......

#8 What's your favorite season? Why? winter is better for me because of my allergies, but i like the springtime with wonderful flowers and not so warm :3

#9 Do you have any phobias or really dislike something?
i dont like onion *würg*, unkempt peoples and crawling animals

#10 What is the last book you read?
Twillight in hospital
#11 Finish that sentence: "If I meet you[Mutsumi] I would..."
i kiss and hug you" .......we see to often XD
 Questions by Andy

1. Who is your celebrity crush?
in anyone
2. Do you want any tattoos or piercings?
i have a Tatoo and i would be Piercings, but on ear not on my face....
3. What was/is your favorite subject in school?
Art and Math
4. If you could be a character from any TV show, who would it be and why?
Ghost Wispers, I like the mysterious mind
5. What do you want to be when you grow up? ^___^
Rich XD joke... I want to be happy and have a relationship with a wonderful hot girl <3
6. Which is better: chocolate or vanilla?
i like both XD i dont know....
7. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
body: my eyes and lips ^^v
charakter: I like that I'm friendly and am doing everything I can to achieve my goals
8. What is the most important quality you look for in a friend?
äh.... I do not want to be superficial, but I'll look first look again and then the character
9. Is there anything in your life that you wish you could change? What is it, and why?
yes....... but I don´t want to talk about it
10. Who is your favorite Disney character?
Alice in Wonderland....Snow White
11. Finish this sentence: "If I met you [Ande], I would..."
take with you to celebrate

My Questions:
1. Whats your favorit Fashionstyle?
2. Do you drink Alcohol and smoke? 
3. The 3 most important things in your life?  
 4. What was your best moment so far?
 5. What do you see as your home?
6. What do you do in your spare time?
7. Wish for the future?
8. Do you have a nickname? What?
9. What is your favorite country and why you are so interested?
10. What to you think about me?
11. Finish this sentence: " If I could meet you (Sashi)......"

Last step: Tag 11 people: Senja, Traumfrau, Maxi, Nana, Disire, JunJun, Jace, Nene, みえーちゃん, Conny, AnnA

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