Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012


Sorry for lately post
currently I'm somewhere else with thoughts.....

  thats my new things from ebay
i love this warm Eye protection and the night cream are so good, wonderful sakura fragrance :3
the conditioner are really good and i like this juicy shower
......palty.....i dont like it not any more....

as you saw I had my hair red (1)
I had to dye my hair twice a month, thats not good for my hair....
so i thought...wash it out... and so i was pink(rosa (2))
but as hairdresser you can not look like a shit.....
 I tried to get blond, but that didn´t work
 So I made on it palty "natural brown" 
i got pink(rosa) with white strands (3).... and broken hair  
 Unfortunately I could not save it in the work, so i make a chocolat brown on my hair, and so I got the color on the first pic here :3 but looks like better and I often use a Conditioner on my hair 
im happy 

The three sisters Yuri (17), Nobara (16) and Ran Ugajin (15) are alone at home, because their parents make a world travel. did not know what it is.....that their parents have borrowed money, they learn from an old man, the expected anything in return from the sisters..."you care for my grandson" they always experience more adventures on the school..... 
oh my god, that so cute, I recommend it, the story is so written exciting and the love storys, chu...... on this pic (right) you can see the boys from the manga

I've got post by Ande, im so happy  
when I have time I write back
and thanks for the bracelet :3 (by muts post)

A big THANKS for Mutsumi, for the sweet pink gift "flausch"

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