Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012


My Basket XD for red late....
but you can see what i have bought for red hair and hair :3
i hope i can help


1.  Q10 is a Beauty water
for a better skin, but you need so much so its seems so it seems. 

2.  Tail Comb 
for my work as hairdresser

3.Wella Brilliance Shampoo for color-treated hair 
This weightless shampoo will lightly hydrate and enhance colour brilliance. Specially selected ingredients such as Diamond Dust work to impart a brilliant shine and hair is left soft, manageable and glossy.
my opinion: i like it, my hair is softer and have more shine

 4. Alcina - Color Shampoo for red hair
For all shades of red, he is the new color and shine for an expression intense, bright red reflex. Color Shampoo maintains the red color intensity.
my opinion: not good, my hair was not longer red....and not more brilliant

5. Direction Poppy Red
Hair color for strong lighting effects in your hair. Directions is a high quality tint the hair and maintains the best and mild to the skin. Structure Damaged or bleached hair needs after treatment with no further maintenance Directions. The basic color and texture of the hair color affect the results. Make for greater durability and brilliance of a Blondierwäsche or bleaching. Directions All shades can be mixed together. No shampoo or conditioner henna containing Farbaufrischer use - they seal the hair and prevent the pigment deposition.
my opinion: i love it :3 its the best red color

6.  Schwarzkopf Osis Session (3) hairspray
for perfect hold, i love it
My favorites

7.  DrSport anti-pimple cream
Transparent anti-acne gel to combat blemish with pore-cleansing salicylic acid and lactic acid.  
my opinion: it helps to reduce redness,  and to get rid of pimples, really good 

8.  soap&glory - Slimwear
is an amazing anti-cellulite firming balm with triple-action peptide complex that has the orange peel effect targeted action. The result: Your skin looks smoother and firmer, and the appearance of cellulite has reduced.
 my opinion: she helpsnand it smells good too

9. soap&glory - Glow Lotion
is a moisturizing body lotion with stunning shimmer effect. It makes the skin shine and hypnotically seduces with a delightful fragrance mix of fresh bergamot, strawberries and mandarin, musk, amber and warm vanilla
my opinion: really good for summer, your skin shine in the sun, perfect for glitter effect on the legs and poor

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