Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Egg 05.2012

Sorry for so lately Egg post

the first pic my wonderful KANAKO im so happy i see her new style and hair :3 i love it, she is so naturaly and i love here great smile 

 she is so crazy but so wonderful girl, i like her   

oh my god the girl (right) is so sexy,
i love this outfit, wonderful outfits

new hairstyles and make up in this egg, i love those two
the left is good for short hair and the pink color in the hairtips are so good idea
so you get variety and damages the hair not so much, really good

really cute new girls, i like it, my favorite girls
above, the second from the left,
above, the second from right
below, the first from the left
really cute face and wonderful hairstyles :3

 STREET Groove 60 

wonderful street fashion,  thats my favorites

and the pic right is so a wonderful school girl fashion and the girl is really pretty
the boy is so cute with the gray sweater 
He has it wellbetween so many pretty girls

Good Night

 THANKS for 40 Followers

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