Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

Spring Fashion

Hello Dears <3 

Last week i bought a new Dress for Spring and Summer 
i love it 
Last Weekend i was at the "Himbi" its a Gay and Lesbian Party
there i meet many friends of me
the weather was cold, but i wanted to look pretty 
momently i like my legs, because i go to Solarium
 i have a pic from my eye make-up , i hope you like it o(^o^)o 


My new nailart for Springtime 
flower power

This is my mom, she had black hair, But I've talked to do something new. 
I work as Hairdresser so i think that my mama looks good.
 I picked her a brown with a light shade of red thats better than black,
my moms face looks better (warm)
my mom loves her red bang, i have make a new color in cherry red 
spring time color for mom 
How do you like it? 
Bye Bye Dears

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