Samstag, 31. März 2012

Spring Time

Wonderful Spring Time my peach tree blossoms and the sun is shinning
i hope all my friends have a wonderful time ;3 

I met with Lisa and Sarah to eat Ice (Banana) on Sunday
we have not seen more than one Years....thats so crazy, but we had so many fun on this Day :3 now we want to make more time

On Wednesday i have met my friends Mutsumi and Traumfrau, we went to a shopping center and have bought us Donuts yamiyami....and we went a little shopping :3 the next blogentrie i´ll show you my new clothes.
Later we met Nora, Maxi and Mufin in Mannheim.....wonderful sunshine.....

My Outfit on this Day, 
i hope you like it !

this week i get my package, with all my new Anime/Manga Things
  • Artbook from Angel Beats! 
  • Iwasawa-san key ring pendant and training gard
  • Girls Dead Monster key ring pendant
  • Figur from Chobits and K-On 

I wish you all a wonderful Spring Time 


  1. Ig liebe bananen eis (-^艸^-)
    Lass uns zusammen shoppen gehen

    1. Gerne geh ich mit dir shoppen <3
      Bananen eis ist echt klasse ;3