Montag, 26. März 2012

Magazines 04/2012

Hello dear readers!

Today i got my magazines (GLB 43 and Egg) from me-shop 
thats make me so happy 

Gothic&Lolita Bible 43 

it was so long ago i had a Gothic&Lolita Bible 
 i see the new pics of my Idol "Mana"
i love it ♥
the new spring collection is so beautiful
Unfortunalately, i don´t come into his dress, thats make me sad
but this is the life

cute Alice style and mysterious hospital style..... 
but wonderful dresses

i have found a style for you Mutsumi, i hope you find it good o(^3^)o its so cute and elegant and you have a lolita men style. How do you find it? oO 


i like the school uniform fashion and i have see many variations of it

i don´t found schoolskirts in germany..... and would a skirt in pink with a white blouse, pink bow and pink jacket  ♥ or all in blue its good.... but i love pink


i have two favourits on this magazines, this wonderful girl with red hair
and a wonderful outfit from "BTSSB"

Make-up and Hairstyle from this Magazines

i find this is a wonderful idea for long hair
and have you not so long hair can you make a ponytail in your hair,
then you look so beautiful for a wonderful summer day

 you looks like a Gothis Lolita, 
here the perfect Make-up for your style
blue eyes looks most better to red or pink lips
you need not always much make-up
"less is more...."

make-up for a day and a make-up for dark style
i find it good, the left is simple and you can make it every day, 
and the right is more for a concert or a photoshot, but is it a good idea
i love both

i hope you like my post :3 

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